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Various news outlets are reporting the discovery of new, previously unknown recordings by MARVIN GAYE! The music has been “found” in Belgium – you’ll know, of course,  how Marvin pitched up in Belgium in the early 80s to get his career back on track. Indeed it was in Ostend that ‘Sexual Healing’ was berthed.

For a time Marvin  lived in the home of a Belgian musician, Charles Dumolin. It seems that a  collection of the singer’s stage costumes, notebooks and old tape cassettes is now in the hands of Charles’ family. For obvious reasons, the family, with the support of lawyer Alex Trappeniers, is seeking to make the “new” music available commercially. They’re  clearly inspired by how old Beatles’ demos have been marketed!

None of the news reports go into detail about the quality of the music on the cassettes and it seems that Belgian law is complex when it comes to ownership issues of “found” items. It’s clear  that Gaye’s family and estate will have plenty to say on this one too. Watch this run and run!

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