One of 2016’s early soul front runners has been MARC STAGGERS’ DSG release ‘Bring It Home To Me’. A contender on all the credible soul charts, it married a sweet Philly/Lou Rawls vibe to Mr Staggers’ remarkable Luther Vandross-inflected vocal.

For those who were finding ‘Bring It Home To Me’ hard to track down, the good news is that the tune is now officially available on I Tunes. Even better news? We’re reliably informed that Tom Moulton is working on a remix of the song… should be available in a month or so…. watch this space!

And while we’re talking things DSG, DINA CARROLL, lead voice on the label’s DIG BAND single ‘We Bring The Party’ is set to join the upcoming David Gest soul tour. The US music entrepreneur regularly brings a host of soul stars to the UK for an annual tour and this year’s edition is set to include Billy Paul, Russell Thompkins Jr, Melba Moore and, of course, Ms Carroll. A quick internet search will let you know if the gig’s coming to a theatre near you!