JUANITA WYNN is an acclaimed US gospel star but from time to time she embraces the secular and to that end she’s worked with people like Lalah Hathaway, Destinys Child, Angie Stone and Diana Ross. Followers of the good groove will also know of her work with Kejam/Dee Majek. Over the last few years she’s graced several cuts from the UK-based producer/soul entrepreneur… things like ‘Love Suppose To Stay’.

Right now Ms Wynn is working on an ambitious secular music project – a song trilogy called ‘BST’. (Blood Sweat and Tears). Her plan is to release a  new song from the trilogy on an 8 to 12 week cycle and the first tune has just won release. It’s a classy and adult contemporary soul ballad, ‘Make It Right’. After a lovely string intro, Juanita delivers with proper old school soul commitment betraying all her gospel experience.

This highly recommended ‘Make It Right’ is released via Bandcamp on Friday May 20th.