At the back end of last year US singer LANGSTON LYRIC released a single, ‘Never Get Enough Of…’. Right now the record  is winning plaudits and plays from some serious soul tastemakers and easy to hear why. It’s a slice of classic, smooth, sophisticated soul and our man Langston can sure belt out a tune!

Oddly despite  some super sleuthing from  said soul tastemakers, there’s little out there on Mr Lyric, though it appears from song credits that his real name could well be D Langston Tupponce! Other research suggests that he’s also a fireman from Richmond, Virginia.

It also seems that Langston had an earlier release ‘Take A Chance’, another quality, contemporary soul cut and like ‘Never Get Enough Of…’ recommended.

Once again, thanks to Mark Turner @  for unearthing these tracks.