We’ve haven’t gotten Christmas out of the way yet, but we know plenty amongst the soul crowd who are already looking forward to January and the annual Blackpool Luxury Soul Weekender (this year’s event features a bevvy of Brit soul divas, by the way). As ever there’s also  the EXPANSION RECORDS LUXURY SOUL 3CD BOX SET and head honcho, Ralph Tee and his  team are currently putting the finishing touches to the upcoming edition.

Sneak previews reveal that amongst the focus tracks is a lovely smooth, contemporary soul groove, ‘Don’tStop’ from KLOUD 9. Twin brothers Kelvis and Kendall Duffie, (Kloud 9) are particular  favourites  with the UK modern/contemporary soul contingent and this ‘Don’t Stop’ won’t disappoint. Helping the boys deliver is KENYA (JOHNSON) and the sound is typically Kloud 9; typically “Luxury Soul”; typically “Expansion Records”.

Amongst the other cuts on  the 2024 Luxury Soul collection are ‘Smooth’ from ConFunkShun, ‘Step With Me’ from Victor Haynes and the much-in-demand ‘Love Has Got To  Be Easy’ from the Requestors.