UK soul man LUKAS SETTO has been busy promoting his latest single … the big, breezy, energetic ‘My Destiny’ which betrays Mr S’s long apprenticeship in the business in various guises – notably, as Lee Henry, Jadan Lee and Tru Menace.

This ‘My Destiny’ was, indeed is, a convincing take on the classic EWF sound  and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the tune has just won remix status from BRIAN POWER.

Mr P totally reworks the song, adding a deeper, darker flavour whist retaining  all the soulfulness in Lukas’ vocals. Intriguing!

The Brain Power remix of ‘My Destiny’ will be good to go via Soulhouse on 27th September. You may want to make a note of the date for pre-orders and all that!