Newcastle’s BETH MACARI has come a long way since her days with fronting Nick Pride’s Pimptones. Her steady career trajectory really took off earlier this year via her lovely ‘Gotta Get Back’ which, in its original  format and in various mixes, won loads of support- oh, and a top  5 spot on the UK soul chart!

For the follow up, Beth has wisely chosen to offer something a little different. Her latest, just out, is ‘Love You More’ – a moody, laid back, harmony laden slowie which highlights Ms Mac’s emotive delivery. She says: “I feel like I haven’t written a love song in a while and ‘Love You More’ was an opportunity to explore something a bit different, tapping into some influences that haven’t been expressed in my music so far”.

And, as is the modern way, ‘Love You More’ comes in some special mixes. First there’s a tweak from the ubiquitous Nigel Lowis who adds a little shimmer to the ballad; then the Frank Blythe mix highlights the  jazz flavours that underpins the original. So, three ways to ‘Love You More’ – everyone’s a winner!