Lovers of quality soul will be delighted to know that the ever-soulful SHIRLEY JONES is preparing the release of a new album, ‘In Loving Memory’. The album is a heart-felt  tribute to her late sisters Brenda and Valerie. With Shirley, of course, they were revered as The JONES GIRLS whose hits numbered ‘You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else’, ‘I Just Love the Man’, and the evergreen ‘Nights Over Egypt’. You’ll know too that in 1986 Shirley launched a successful solo career with her first single, ‘Do You Get Enough Love’ debuting on Billboard at #1 and since then she’s delivered time and time again.

Shirley’s oeuvre (with her sisters and solo) is revered by all lovers of sophisticated, grown up soul music and on the evidence of the about-to-be-released first single  from ‘In Loving Memory’, her reputation will  continue to grow. The new single is a searing, emotional ballad, ‘When You Love Somebody’.

The tender love song, written by Michon Young, is delivered with a commitment and soulful passion that only life experience can bring. Shirley says that the song “expresses the true essence of loving somebody wholeheartedly; it’s a cross-generational true love song for all ages.” We wouldn’t argue with that, You can check for yourself when Shirley’s ‘When You Love Somebody’ is released August 24th.