SHAMIKA BROWN is a new name to me but the young Florida based singer really delivers on the sweet and lovely single ‘I Love Him, I Love Him Not’.

Ms Brown is currently working with producer Antonio “Tizone” Street on an album from which ‘I Love Him, I Love Him Not’ is taken and on the strength of that track, it’s clear the album will be a corker. This is proper old school soul… a mid tempo groove delivered with the soulful passion of a singer trained in the Gospel tradition. It’s not just the lady’s name that reminds me of those great Stax tracks from Shirley Brown but that’s the flavour here… why, there’s even a wonderful, spine-tingling spoken part.

Shamika’s people warned me that this track will give the listener goose bumps! Nonsense, I thought… but they’re right. It’s a magical little tune… bring on the album!