BRADD MARQUIS is a US indie soul singer/songwriter and producer who debuted in 2007 with the album ‘Finding My Way’. That was followed by ‘Authentic’ and 2013’s ‘Thank You’. Then in 2017 we enjoyed his ‘Who Let You Go’ single – a soulful throwback to the days of Jodeci and Babyface. Then late last year he released ‘Always’ – a romantic, contemporary soul ballad but it was the putative B side that grabbed the accolades. Tune in question was ‘The Thrill Is Gone’. Old soul heads will recognize the title as one of BB King’s greatest recordings, but this ‘Thrill’ is a new song, though it does reference the King classic – especially via some remarkable, biting, Lucille-style, blues guitar.

We were told that both those songs were from an upcoming long player and, lo and behold, said album is now with us. It’s called ‘Love’ and it’s a seven tracker – so you decide if it’s a short LP or a long EP! Whatever it offers plenty of classy, contemporary soul.

‘Always’ and ‘The Thrill Is Gone’ are the two obvious focal points and, in case you missed it, ‘Who Let You Go’ is also included. That leaves four new cuts with the strutting and tight ‘The One You Love’ winning plenty of support right now while the mini album’s title cut is a meandering R&B style ballad which Brad says speaks to his love affair with love. ‘Eventually’ is the currently obligatory dose of hope and optimism – this time a love hoped for rather than an end to enduring lockdowns.  That just leaves the collection’s surprise – a roistering ‘No War’. It’s an explosive track that samples Edwin Starr’s ‘War’ and works as a counterpoint to the set’s overt romanticism.

BRADD MARQUIS’ ‘Love’ is out now on the Soulman Label.