‘Love Will Find A Way’ is a popular song title. Amongst those who’ve served up a slice of this optimism are Lionel Richie and Philip Bailey and now we can enjoy a new song with the same title and aspiration from HD featuring MJ SOUL.  

The producer brain behind HD is bassist Benjamin Race and his ‘Love Will Find A Way’ also features Bryan Corbett from the Brand New Heavies on trumpet, Jim Macrae on drums, Greg Doggett on guitar and Andrew Milnes on Sax. The single is HD’s newest record since their successful 2018 album, ‘Everything is Energy’.

Musically, this ‘Love Will Find A Way’ is a sweet and lovely Brit soul groove with an almost Al Jarreau jazzy type vocal and some great brass work.  Mr Race says: “If you can reach people and make them feel something with your music, people will always remember that. As people won’t remember what you said, they won’t remember what you did but they will remember the way you made them feel…. so, it’s about grabbing the listener with feeling.” His ‘Love Will Find A Way’ will grab you for sure. It’s released on Ashwood Records on October 30th.