The ever-busy team at Dome Records continue to refresh their extensive soul back catalogue by taking a fresh look at a FULL FLAVA classic  – ‘Love Holds No Limits’ which, you might remember, featured a fab, soulful vocal from BEVERLEI BROWN (above).

When it was first released (2003?) it ticked all the boxes you associate with classic Brit soul – catchy, melodic, tight beats, the works! Now some twenty years down the line it still sounds right on the  vibe in its new “refreshed Full Flava 2.0” mix.

Maybe better but certainly offering a different perspective is a new Nigel Lowis mix. Our Nige takes the beats up a little and adds some of his trademark Philly-inspired flourishes to the lovely little beater. Wisely he doesn’t tamper with Bev’s sweet vocal – it’s right at the forefront of this recommended mix! It’s out tomorrow Friday 21st April