Lovers of things blissfully Balearic might want to check out a new EP credited to “12TREE” – Robin 12Tree to close friends!

Robin works out of Barcelona and as head honcho @ Hot Piroski Records he’s worked with all sorts of Balearic luminaries, including Café Del Mar’s Jose Padilla. Robin has been producing music and DJing for the past 12 Years. He’s also been Tour support DJ for The Prodigy, DJ’d at clubs such as fabric, Ministry of Sound, Bugged Out, and festivals in Australia, U.S., China, South America and Europe. Collaborations with Ghetto Bardot as Babywolf saw them headline the Greenpeace stage at Glastonbury festival in 2017.

Robin launched the Hot Piroski label in 2018 and that’s the source for the four track ‘The Lovers’ EP. The mini album’s title track is the immediate attention grabber – 5 minutes’ worth of meditative vibes. There are lush guitars, ethereal hooks and dreamy backdrop. 12Tree’s team say the tune “joins the dots somewhere between Fleetwood Mac and Daft Punk”. You can make up your own minds about that, but it does offer classic chill out vibes.

The EP’s three other cuts are ‘Bliss Fizz’, ‘Cosmic Oneness’ (the titles say it all) and ‘Encore F’ which is more of a Euro, electro disco offering. With seductive, spoken word input from Ghetto Bardot (aka Barbara Alcindor from Noughties pop group, French Affair) this adds variety to the four track pack.

‘The Lovers EP’ is out now, digitally.  Vinyl available for pre-order from Hot Piroski.