‘Love Sweat and Tears’ is the second LP from Sierra Leone born but Paris-based MARIAMA. Mariama says that the title is self-explanatory – “It is really about love, sweat and tears – confusion, loneliness, sadness; but in the midst of these dark feelings there is a voice that speaks to us and if we listen to it then a crisis can become a new beginning. Ultimately it all depends on our attitude!”

Heavy stuff indeed, and sonically the album reflect that message. The music is largely sombre and melancholy with one big “up” moment”, ‘Dancing Shoes’. The album’s focus cut is a cover of that most enigmatic of songs, ‘Nature Boy’… never worked out what it means and Mariama’s quirky version doesn’t offer any answers.

MARIAMA. ‘Love Sweat and Tears’ out now on Membran Record.