Latest release from BIG SPEAKER MUSIC features  London’s PAUSEPUSHERS who are focused around Francis Hylton from Incognito. The  Pausepushers debuted in early 2020 with the infectious ‘Real Talk’ – a little quirky, yes, but also soulful with a funky undertow and their latest Big Speaker offering, ‘Love Me’ offers more of the same.

Essentially, ‘Love Me’  is a lush, feel-good, Deep House groove with a soulful and sweet, repetitive  vocal hook. The keys are jazzy, the beats bump and the bass is tight and funky. Even with all that there is an airy and ethereal feel about the track – very atmospheric!

‘Love Me’ will be released on Traxsource promo June 10th / Full release June 24th, 2022, on BIG Speaker Music.