Hard to believe, but it was ten years ago that Monsieur TOM GLIDE and his LUV ALL STARS hit us with his lovely tune  ‘Love Is Coming Up’. Taken from the album ‘In The Name Of Luv’, it kind of defined what modern soul was/is all about…. contemporary – yes, but with a real retro feel and a clear, clean, crisp sound that’s aimed at setting feet tapping and heads nodding!

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the cut and its success TG is resurrecting ‘Love Is Coming Up’ in a brand new mix with extra production work from French colleagues Hyleen and Julien Boursin. The beats are new too  but the lovely Tim Owens vocal stays up front while the lyrics – even though ten years old – ring truer than ever today…. the message of consciousness , optimism and awareness and for everyone a better future!