Though their names are maybe not as familiar as, say, Goffin and King and Bacharach and David, the husband and wife songwriting team of FELICE & BOUDLEAUX BRYANT were one of the most important, successful songwriting duos of the 1950s and 60s. After establishing themselves in the Country market initially, they  enjoyed spectacular R&R and Pop success. In all, the couple would write nearly six thousand songs together over a fifty-year period, selling over two hundred million records.

Archive label JASMINE RECORDS have just released a wonderful 34 track snapshot of  their work which shows the duo’s versatility and range. The album is named for one of their best known songs ‘Love Hurts’. A massive hit for the Everly Brothers, it’s been covered so many times that it’s now a pop standard

Indeed  Don and Phil, the Everlys,  were the chief beneficiary of the Bryant’s writing and this collection offers a couple of their recordings – the aforementioned ‘Love Hurts ‘and the teen classic ‘Bird Dog’ and that was  what  Felice and Boudleaux were  really all about . They were perfectly tuned in to the needs, emotions and aspirations  of the US teen in the 50s and early 60s . So their songs spoke of love at first sight, two-timing, dating, prom nights, parental disapproval and the  angst of being dumped! This album covers the whole gamut ! Apart from the Everlys, other featured artists include Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, The Collins Kids, Anita Carter, The Browns, Connie Francis, Bob Luman, Little Jimmy Dickens, Skeeter Davis and Sue Thompson making the album essential fare for serious students of pop music and its cultural impact . Out now!