Though they’ve been making music for something like a decade, it’s only recently that we crossed paths with Aussie band, THE SUGAR FED LEOPARDS. Our introduction came via a couple of singles – a light Chic-tinged disco romp ‘T Y O’ and a poppier disco cut, ‘Need You Know’.

Those singles were released to flag up the Leopards’ latest album, ‘Love. Be In It’ which has just been released. The set, the band’s third, is an eight tracker that’s meant to be “A love story in an album, dedicated to best friends, the power of live music and fond memories of the 80’s Aussie ‘Life. Be In It’ fitness campaign.”

But what does it sound like? Well, those two singles summed up the LP’s flavour – disco-lite with an Aussie twist and if that’s your thing you may want to investigate. The music lacks a soul feel (in the way that much Euro disco music does) but there is one really intriguing track. It’s ‘Introduction’ and, oddly, it’s sequenced as track 5. It’s mainly a pacey, crashing instrumental with a rough-hewn Northern soul feel while mid-way through you’re treated to female vocal interjections. Yes, “intriguing”!

THE SUGAR FED LEOPARDS; Love. Be In It’ out now via