Been something like ten years since REEL PEOPLE (Oli Lazarus, Mike Patto and Toni Economides) have released a brand new album but fans of the outfit will delight in their new, just out long plater, ‘Love2’. However, those legions of fans will probably have/love/know most of the set’s 10 tracks because over the last few months most of them have been  leaked out and/or released as singles, the most recent being ‘Everything’s So Crazy’ which is fronted by Atlanta soulstress Jill Rock Jones. That one, in case you’re not familiar, is an insistent, contemporary soul groove – the thing   that the Reels specialize in!

If the set’s singles  have passed you by then we’ll just say that ‘Love2’ features a great guest list of vocalists who bring their special talents to the soundscapes crafted by the team  One of the cuts that won plenty of plaudits was/is ‘Save A Lil Love’ with Eric Roberson out front. It’s a great contemporary  (as opposed to “modern”) soul dancer. ‘Something New’ (with Muhsinah) and ‘I Never Knew’ with Speech offer more of the same. Other tracks are more complex and intriguing – try ‘Déjà Vu’ with Raheem Devaughn, ‘Vibe’ (featuring Paula) or ‘Dance In her Eyes’ (with Chantae Cann) to enjoy something a little different to the current, popular, retro soul vibe.

The only brand new track on the album is the intro, a sweet neo-soul glide which perfectly sets you up for the soundscape that’s to follow . Reel People’s PR people sum it up  thus: “a mix that embraces the out-and-out euphoria of love but offers an entirely unique voice … new songs and sounds, but the same soulful passion and craftsmanship. New friends and flourishes but the same mission to move hearts, minds and dancefloors.” Perfectly put!