NATALIE DUNCAN is a Nottingham born, London-based singer, songwriter currently signed to Goldie’s Fallen Tree 1Hundred label. Earlier this year she made some waves with ‘Hearts in a Cage’ which she now follows up with ‘Found Myself’.

‘Found Myself’ is a convincing and emotionally charged slice of contemporary Brit soul. Natalie says: “I wrote the main riff running throughout the bulk of the song using electric piano and then layered other synths. I found myself feeling nostalgic about a simpler time… Being a young child in the 90s and coming into my teenage rebellious years. The song is about recognising that looking at the past through rose-tinted glasses, only gives you one perspective, usually a positive one. We edit out the painful stuff… I really wanted to collaborate with a rapper on one of these new songs and I knew it needed to be a rich, female voice – Lauren Marshall was the obvious choice! What she brings to the song is just so poetic and beautiful…”

‘Found Myself’ is sweet and plaintive in its original incarnation but for something quite different there’s an edgy broken beat remix from Tru Thoughts Records artist WheelUP (Danny Wheeler). He  brings a touch of West London, broken beat swagger to the table with a dancefloor-led remix for the late summer. Drums and additional production on the mix come from Bugz in the Attic collaborator , Afronaut. Out now!