THE BEAT RIVALS are a London-based production and DJ duo (John and Kevin). They  came together in 2010 and were mentored by Karl “Tuff Enuf” Brown (Double Trouble, Tuff Jam) at his “Groove Skool” and in 2011 they set up their own Rival Beat Records. Since then they’ve worked with people like Angie Brown, Lifford, Natasha Watts, Tasha LaRae, Vanessa Freeman, Ernie McKone, Gene Perez, Michele Chiavarini, Mike Patto, Ernie McKone as well as featuring releases form Opolopo, Sean McCabe and DJ Spen.

They’re masters of soulful house though contemporary soul fans delight in much of their work , notably ‘I Can Feel It’ which found its way onto the famed ‘Soul Togetherness’ collection in 2016.

Their new, upcoming tune might well follow the same trajectory. It’s a wonderfully optimistic ‘You Are The Answer’. The cut with the ever-reliable Andre Espeut on vocals is a dancer’s delight and conjures up images of happy   days and  good times and, God knows, that’s something we all need right now. This ‘You Are The Answer’ is out March 10th … soulful house… contemporary soul? It doesn’t matter – just one really good tune!