TONY SHARPER is an old school soul man who works out of Atlanta Georgia. He runs his own label, Sharp Records, and his mission stament is to bring back old school values into the music business. On his facebook page he says he wants to “stop giving the fan trash, all artists sure be professionals and know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and companies sure have a very strict criterion, artists sure not use any drugs or other inappropriate substances publicly, what artist do in publicly is representatives of the company they are sign to. Strive for the highest standard of excellence in there their music”.

Right now he’s promoting his latest album – a best of set, from which ‘God, Lady, You And I’ – a sweet ballad – is stuffed with all those old school soul qualities that Mr S is so keen on. ‘Earthquake’ is another signature ballad while elsewhere there’s bone-crunching funk on stuff like ‘You Know What You Like’ and ‘Girl I Need You’.

You can find out more about Tony and his ideas @ www.sharprecordsusa.com