SOUL DIRECTION RECORDS via its Origins imprint gets into its New Year stride with a wonderful single from KING GEORGE AND THE FABULOUS SOULS with the simple but soulful  ‘I Need You’.

The soul detectives at the label couldn’t find out too much about “King” George save that his real name was George Renfro and that he worked in and around Los Angeles in the 60s and 70s under a number of guises. Along with his Fabulous Souls he recorded ‘I Need You’ (his own song) for the Audio Arts label. Of course back in the day it meant little, till DJ Ian Tsakalis started playing out one of the few copies in the 80s. Since then via spinners and record dealers  like Barrie Waddington and Soul Direction’s own Alan Kitchener, the record’s gained huge traction and it’s easy to hear why. This ‘I Need You’ is home-spun, rustic 60s soul at its very best. Honest and soulful, direct and danceable, it might remind you of stuff like the Astors’ ‘Candy’ and/or early recordings from Archie Bell. But then again, it might not!

As we’ve said there’s not a lot to say about  KING GEORGE AND THE FABULOUS SOULS (some of the band went on to bigger things, by the way!) but their very special ‘I Need You’ is a wonderful testament to their brief career.

The 7” vinyl (officially licensed) of ‘I Need You’ will be good to go from January 28th via Soul Direction. The B side is the instrumental track. Find out more @ https://soul-direction.co.uk/