Brit soul and jazz singer LOIS LEVIN is one of the bright lights on Liverpool’s Baltic Jazz Label – the current home of  garlanded producer Steve Levine. Steve helmed Lois’  2023  four track EP – ‘Revisioned’.

One of the mini album’s key cuts was ‘Pheromones’  – a tight, soulful  dance groove about self-love which Ms L described as  her “own personal anthem of saying fuck it!”

Now you know! However, if you feel you need more self-love, you’ll be delighted to learn that Steve and the Baltic Jazz team have just launched a remix of ‘Pheromones’ . It’s a bright, bet-packed, brash, “up” affair that moves along with passion.

The mix team on the track is  “Searchlight”. Searchlight features two successful Irish drum and bass artists, Zero T and Beta 2. They were mentored by Goldie for his boutique Fallen Tree 1Hundred label. For the new ‘Pheromones’, Searchlight decided to use the vocals from the original track and build a whole new song around it. While the original ‘Pheromones’ track has a classic, trad-soul sound to it, with horn sections and Hammond organ, the remix uses synthesisers and broken beats to turn it into a dancefloor groover. It comes recommended and Ms Levin? – one to watch for 2024!!!

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