A certain North London soul singer EMMA LOUISE HARRIS has been around for a while! I think it was 2016 when we first heard her musical alter ego, S.E.L breakout!  S.E.L ,of course, stands for the wonderful Soulful Emma Louise!

2016 was the year she released her lovely ‘Elevation’ and since then she’s enjoyed soul hit after soul hit. Most famous is probably ‘Flowered Tears’ while her most recent was (I think) her collaboration with Bryan Chambers, ‘Falling’.

So, what about a S.E.L. album I hear you asking! Well, the good news is that there’s one on the way – its going to be called ‘Loc’d In Consciousness’. Emma explains the title…. “Loc’d’…my hair is in locs and I consider myself to be conscious of life and connected to a higher power. I have put my heart and soul into this body of work. What to expect?… mmmmmm Authentic UK Soul”. So, there you go!

The album is due April 9th but, in the meantime, you can enjoy the lead single which has just been released. It’s a lithe and lovely upbeat thing …. ‘Melodic Harmony’. A classy slab of goodtime Brit soul with a big, big chorus, it brims with optimism and hope and proves what most UK soul folk know, that Soulful Emma Louise is a real contender!  We look forward to the album!