Latest offering  from MANNIX – one of Austria’s top soulful house DJs/Producers – is a tight, tuneful and rhythmic ‘Hope’. The soulful vocal’s down to Morris Revy and, as you can imagine from the title, the message in the music is important. Put simply, it offers hope (obvious!) and optimism and the package’s sound and ambience underlines just that… warm instrumentation (including a lovely horn solo), funky beats and solid bass lines!

As ever the tune comes in an array of mixes…. including a  Disco Dub and Dubstrumental.  ‘Hope’ also features reworks from fellow dance disco dons, Qwestlife (aka Andy Williams / Yam Who? and Tom Laroye), who deliver their own signature underground Disco interpretation.

‘Hope’ will be released on Traxsource promo January 14th / Full release January 21st 2022 on Dafia Records.