UK jazz vocalist JACQUI DANKWORTH releases her latest album at the end of September. Titled ‘Live To Love’, it’s the eagerly awaited follow up to 2011’s acclaimed ‘It Happiens Quietly’.

The new LP is a 14 tracker with many of the songs written by Jacqui in partnership with various members of her band and her husband, pianist Charlie Wood. Their song, ‘A Certain Kind Of Eden’ is an album highlight – a delicious laid back, Latin flavoured groove. By contrast ‘All Is Quiet’ is much starker – as befits a song dealing with the misery of slavery. The track’s inherent melancholy is accentuated by the input of the Brodsky Quartet. Equally gripping is ‘Tomorrow’s World’ – a song originally written by the singer’s father, the late Johnny Dankworth

Of the covers, the take on Wayne Shorter’s ‘Palladium’ is particularly jaunty while soul fans will be intrigued by the beguiling rework of Donny Hathaway’s ‘Someday We’ll All Be Free’

Through October, November and December Jacqui will be touring in support of the album and you can see all the dates on her web site –

JACQUI DANKWORTH’S ‘Live To Love’ is released on Specific Records on September 30th.