UK soul connoisseurs will need no introduction to Ms ESHE ESCOFFERY. They’ll know she’s part of one of the UK’s best-known soul families and that for 25 years she sang with her sisters ‘The Escofferys’. Tutored by their father, George, and wearing stylish costumes made by mother, Millie, they enjoyed a worldwide hit ‘Look Who’s Loving Me’.

Now Eshe is breaking out on her own with a solo EP with imminent release on the KnuKosmicSoul label. The mini album’s ‘Life Live Be Here’ and that alongside the label’s name will give you a clue to the overall soundscape. The vibe on the four tracker is experimental but accessible…. there’s a whiff of prime time Eryka Badu about proceedings.

Eshe says that the music “expresses my diverse styles and flavours and moods of fusionz of soul gospel hip-hop Drum n Bass reflecting my journey this far to bring joy, healing, beauty, life and soul to bring peace and happiness in this world”.

Whatever… the music (as illustrated by the lovely 6 minutes of ‘Reazon’) has a lovely, lazy, jazzy undercurrent that is almost hypnotic