The maybe oddly named BflyLadyDi εїз is a Miami based musician, singer/songwriter and charity worker. In 2001 she lost her daughter to a rare form of bone cancer and she consequently set up a cancer charity foundation. All proceeds from her musical activities go towards that charity and so far, she’s enjoyed success with a series of singles – one of which ‘I Don’t Know How You Do It’ (2018), charted on the Sweet Rhythms Chart on Solar Radio in the UK and was #1 for two weeks on 96.9 The Oasis in California, as well as many other charts in the UK and Europe.

The lady’s latest single is ‘Live Life To The Fullest’ which she says was inspired by the pandemic. She says: “Lyrically, this song takes the listener around the world after the Coronavirus is gone. I believe this song will really resonate with everyone in the world right now because of the pandemic. What is the one thing that we all wish for when this pandemic is over? To do what we love to do and live life to the fullest” Yep – just go for it!

Sonically, ‘Live Life To The Fullest’ is a lithe, smooth jazzy sort of thing with a Latin undertow. It was written and produced by Vincent Broomfield and is good to go now with (remember) all royalties going to that special cancer charity.