‘Flirt’ is the latest single from Francophile producer, composer, pianist, writer and singer DEAN GRANT. Some years ago he decamped to France (sunny Avignon, to be precise) where he worked with some of the big names in French music. He immersed himself in the back catalogues of the great chansoneurs – people like Gilbert Becaud and Charles Aznavour and that sound is reflected in his own recorded work, of which ‘Flirt’ is the latest example…. a perfect example in the art of French retro!

Interestingly Grant has released a new “retro” single every month since last March and all twelve titles have been collected together for the album ‘The French Recording Sessions’ which is now available on Records Gramophonique – a Dutch label that specializes in French music! Sounds odd, but the attraction of Grant’s French retro recordings is palpable. The art work perfectly reflects the music … worth checking!