SAMANTHA LINDO is a Bristol-based UK singer/songwriter. She describes her sound as “new wave jazz/retro pop” and she’s been a mainstay on the Bristol music scene for some time. Her last single, ‘Underside’ was well-received, but the lockdown deflated some of the momentum it was creating.

Next month Samantha will be launching a new single… a big and dramatic ‘Lights Go Out’ which she tells us is inspired by her thoughts on white supremacy and how we can dismantle privilege. In that respect it’s a logical follow-on to another of her songs ‘Naming The Water’. Ms L says: “’Lights Go Out’ is upbeat, fun and hopeful but it also speaks truth. The lyrics ‘frozen still, scared to give it up, one more sip, from the silver cup’ describe the kind of last ditch attempts to cling to racist power that we saw so clearly with the recent invasion of the US capitol. However, the lyrics ‘you know it wasn’t earned, so we unpick, and we unlearn’ describe the more subtle necessity of recognising privilege on an individual level and doing the work to level the playing field. I think that there is real hope and freedom for everybody on the other side of that process.”.

Sonically, ‘Lights Go Out’ is pitched between the eclecticism of Janelle Monae and the punch of Etta James – two of Ms Lindo’s heroines. Intrigued? Find out more @