When it comes names of soul singers, LARRY H. SOULMAN has to be right up there with the best. We don’t know too much about Mr Soulman, save that his new single, the equally wonderfully named, ‘Life, Liberty, Just Us’ is winning plenty of plays – most notably from Andy Tee.

What we have learned is that Larry is a staunch  family man and the song is dedicated to his  family – specifically  his autistic son The song focuses on children harassing other children based on differences; in this song Larry wants to set an example and create a focus on a topic that has not been given much attention thus far. His son’s autism isn’t the only issue Larry’s faced. We’re told that he’s survived cancer – so best of luck to him with the song and let’s hope it grabs the attention it deserves.

Right now the song comes in three mixes – the original soulful groove, a radio edit and a house mix – though this one’s not too frantic!

Larry H. Soulman: Life, Liberty, Just Us’ out now!