Back in February all the best soul media enthused about a sweet and lovely Brit soul tune, ‘In My Arms’ from MT JONES (above). However, said media  couldn’t find out too much about the singer and his song! What was  discovered was that MT hails from Liverpool where he’s a mainstay on the ultra lively, local live scene. He also has a penchant  for 60s and 70s soul – apparent from ‘In My Arms’ which we also learned was his third single.

Our man is now set to launch a fourth single – an equally gorgeous ‘I’d Be Lying’. The 60s influence is obvious but this is no straight copy of the sounds of that golden era. Rather, ‘I’d Be Lying’ is a totally contemporary affair with its roots in soul’s storied past… much like the music of the Sextones and people like Aaron Fraser and Durand Jones.  

Mr Jones sings with passion over a simple soundscape that’s the more effective for that simplicity. This  one comes highly recommended and more proof there’s more to good ‘ole Liverpool than the Fab 4 , oh, and something called Eurovision!!!