Latest offering from the COOL MILLION/SED SOUL axis is a collaboration between Cool Million’s ROB HARDT and singer DAVID A TOBIN, ‘Let It Go’ – a funky, crunchy, old school dance item.

That the cut ever got finished is remarkable. The duo was working on some new music when the whole corona virus thing kicked in! The choices were stark – pack everything in or soldier on in the best, isolating way they could. Knowing that music can be a great healer they chose the latter and for inspiration, they looked back to the great days of  the good time, devil-may-care dance music of the 90s when hip-hop fused with funk and soul to craft something simple but special.

Rob came up with the beats and the music while David came up with the positive, let’s party style lyrics and the result is a great slab of optimism in the manner of the Gap Band … and optimism is in serious, short supply in these dark times. The tune’s out now and there’s a YOUTUBE video to go with it.