It was one of summer’s big party tunes (party when we had the chance, of course!) …. ‘Party People’ from CRYSTAL WATERS and DJ SPEN. The cut was an unashamed homage to those great all-night parties (remember them?)

Well if you missed the cut first time around (too popped to party?) you now have the opportunity to have a proper go at it via  a massive 8 remixes from Carl Cox and Eric Powell under their MDFC moniker, Chicago House stalwart Mike Dunn, and Baltimore’s newest kid on the block,  MicFreak..

As you can imagine over 8 mixes there’s an awful lot going on. Right now, we’re digging the MicFreak Disco mix. With a lovely laidback intro, atmospheric handclaps, sweeping strings and live guitar and bass, it really does capture the real spirt of disco. There’s plenty to commend the other mixes too – but much will depend on your propensity for the electronic vibe.

‘Party People’ is out now on Traxsource and Spotify promo / Full release November 6th, 2020 on Quantize Recordings.