CREATIVE SOUL is a tip-top boutique soul label whose philosophy is to release very special tracks on 7”; the team don’t bother asking “what if those cuts  were on a 45?”, they just go out and do it! Put the tunes on a tasty 7” that is. And right now the creatives @ Creative Soul are busy promoting two new singles – MT JONES’  ‘I’d Be Lying’ / ‘In My Arms’ and the KINSMAN DAZZ BAND’ ‘Ghetto Preacher’ / ‘Saved’.

We first became aware of MT Jones in February this year  when he released the lovely ‘In My Arms’. We learned that the singer/songwriter was a Scouse soul man  and that ‘In My Arms’ was actually his third single. We also learned that he was a big fan of 60s and 70s  soul – but  you’d know that by listening to ‘In My Arms’. The equally gorgeous ‘I’d Be Lying’ was the follow up and again the 60s influence was  obvious but this was retro with a contemporary flavour … much like the music of the Sextones and people like Aaron Fraser and Durand Jones.  Yes, two fine soul  tracks – so, in line with their mission statement, Creative Soul have got ‘em out on vinyl!

The single has ‘I’d Be Lying’ is the putative A side. In truth, though, this is a proper double A sided single. On both tracks Mr J sings with passion over a simple soundscape offering more proof there’s a more to good ‘ole Liverpool than the Fab 4!

The Kinsman Dazz Band   single offers a different kind of soul. You probably know that the outfit have a long and complex history. They were founded back 1971 when young Ohio jazz musician, Bobby Harris put together a group called Bell Telephunk who, after failing to find success, merged with another band, Mother Braintree – to form a brand new unit – Kinsman Dazz. We’re told that the new name came from the Kinsman Bar (where the group became the house band) and the fusing of “dance” with “jazz”…whatever, in 1978 the mob got a deal with 20th Century Records and they released two albums but neither saw much commercial action. With a few personnel changes and a couple of tweaks to their soundscape the band dropped the “Kinsman” bit from the name and took the Motown dollar and the rest, of course, is history.

Over the last few years, though, original member, guitarist  Michael J Calhoun has resurrected the full Kinsman Dazz Band brand and their last single won plenty of support. It was a powerful, moody soulful groove, ‘Ghetto Preacher’ . The vocals are down to gospel-trained Eddie B Sands and he preaches with total conviction – proper testifying. Again it was no brainer for Creative Soul to get it sorted on vinyl and for the  B side they go with another gospel cut -, ‘Saved’ . This is a  little sweeter and the vocalists are  Michael J Calhoun and a lady by the name of  Myisha

Both these 45s  are good to go now. Find out more @ https://creativesoulcouk.bigcartel.com/ where you’ll learn that Creative Soul is much more than a label; it’s also a rather splendid record store!