AL LINDSEY is a veteran US soul man who, though born down in Virginia, actually began his singing career in Detroit where his family relocated to when he was a youngster . Al soon became a lifelong friend of Lawrence Payton Jr (son of the famed Four Top, Lawrence Payton), working with him on many occasions.

A couple of years back we enjoyed Al’s ‘Versatility’ album from which ’Cotton Candy’ became a soul chart success.

Al’s set to release a new single which he says is his reaction to the pandemic. Tune in question is simply called ‘Celebrate’…. an odd title when you think of what’s happening right now. But Al’s message is to try and be optimistic and remember all the problems can’t go on forever… so celebrate the gift of life. Let’s hope he’s right!

The single’s putative B side is the ballad ‘Nobody’… an old fashioned outing with classic spoken intro and slinky sax solo .

Al Lindsey – ‘Celebrate’/’Nobody’ -Released 26th June