Here’s a quick heads up about what soul tastemakers are confidently predicting will be one of this Spring’s best albums… it’s a concise ten tracker, ‘Dreams’ from veteran UK soul man VICTOR HAYNES.

Soul connoisseurs know all about our Vic; the Manchester lad has been around since the 90s and he’s always delivered. You’ll remember he began with a band called Mainstreet and after  a deal with Kongo Records, Vic and his partner in musical  crime, Peter May, moved over to Ralph Tee’s Expansion set up and since then albums like ‘Optimistic’,  ‘Take It To The Top’ and ‘My Time Is Here’ have been rightly acclaimed and commercially successful.

The new ‘Dreams’ is sure to follow the same path, given the quality of the lead single… a sweet and gentle dance groove, ‘Let The Lovin’ Start’. It’s proper grown up soul music and the silky, reassuring  vocal betrays Victor’s years of experience in the biz. You’ll hear this one all over the best radio stations when it’s serviced to ‘em next week. Sadly we’ll have to wait till the end of March to enjoy the full ‘Dreams’ long player – but be assured, the wait will be worth it!