It’s been a great 18 months for Washington soul man MARC STAGGERS. Previously known to soul connoisseurs as a remarkable Luther Vandross soundalike, Marc has broken through in his own right and rightly and properly won a larger, appreciative audience right across the soul community.

The tune to do it was the still lovely ‘Bring It Home To Me’. Released on DSG Records, it topped all the credible soul charts and is still a mainstay at modern soul events. The good news is that August 26th sees the release of the official follow up and the even better news is that the tune, ‘Let Me Be The One’ is a killer!

Written by Marc with mix meister Nigel Lowis, the release has been on hold while Nigel recovered from his recent illness but patience brings its own rewards. Put simply, ‘Let Me Be The One’ is set to be one of the tunes of the year and is certain to emulate the chart success of ‘Bring It Home To Me’.

Why? Well, like ‘Bring It Home To Me’, ‘Let Me Be The One’ is totally infectious. Nigel Lowis gives it a vintage Philly feeling while Marc Staggers caresses the simple lyrics in the way that (yes, we are going to mention him) dear old Luther did. I can’t work out how they do it, but they succeed in marrying retro flavours with a totally contemporary feel.

Right now Marc is working with Nigel Lowis on a new album, ‘Timeless’ but while we wait, you can grab a copy of the DSG released ‘Let Me Be The One’ from August 26th.