KELLY FINNIGAN has made quite a name for himself over the last few years both with his band, the Monophonics and also out on his own. His solo set, ‘The Tales People Tell’ (2019) was particularly well-received as has his latest single, ‘Leave You Alone’, a track that was cut at the same time as the long player but not included. Well, at last we can enjoy its delightful, old school soulfulness.

We’re told that the inspiration behind the song and sound was  the work of a certain Bettye Swan (great role model!) and the musicians playing behind Kelly are his band mates in the Monophonics, the Ramsey Brothers. The single is good to go now and it’s also the focus track on a Finnigan  surprise mixtape, ‘From Me To You’ that’s also available now , but wait for it, only in this new-fangled cassette format! (cassette packet pictured above) Label is Colemine. learn more @ https://www.coleminerecords.com/