‘Age Of Blame’ is the latest album from Boston-born singer/songwriter JEN KEARNEY. Her people say that the music on the concise 8 tracker is an amalgam of musical styles but when you pop it into I-tunes it comes up as “contemporary pop”… and that’s a good description.

The title track, for instance, is a rocky power ballad while ‘Sanctuary In Sabotage’ is another rocky meander. But there are other flavours too. ‘Better’ for example mines a salsa vibe and on tunes like ‘What If’ and ‘Too Far’ there is a soul/funk undertow.

Jen’s current band by the way are The Lost Onion and consist Peter MacLean on drums, Aaron Bellamy on bass, Amy Bellamy on clavinet and B3 organ, Jason Yost on guitar, Mark Mullins on trumpet and flugelhorn, Jared Sims on saxophone, and Yahuba on percussion.

Ms Kearney says: “‘Age of Blame’ offers deeply personal and hopeful perspective on a myriad of subjects—the main theme being the importance of maintaining balance and love in an ever-evolving world where blame, fear, self-sabotage and deflection are all too easy to succumb to as human contact has receded”. Investigation will allow you to see if you agree… the album’s out now.