Like many artists Detroit based  LAURA RAIN AND THE CAESARS (essentially husband and wife team – guitarist George Friend and vocalist Laura Rain) have used the various enforced lockdowns profitably. To follow their acclaimed 2017 LP, ‘Walk With Me’  the band went on what they dubbed a “Soul Journey” – regularly releasing a series of singles which culminated in the gorgeous ‘Closer To The Win’. The building ballad with an old school Philly feel was embraced by the real soul community. The video received over 250,000 video views on social media while the tune scaled the UK Soul chart.  But maybe the biggest accolade in these retro-inspired days came when  ‘Closer To The Win’ received a 7” vinyl release on UK based LRK Records. We believe that the limited-edition single sold out in days!

The good news is that Laura is all set to release a brand new single… ‘I Am’. This new tune sensibly proffers a different vibe to ‘Closer To The Win’, though it retains all that cut’s inherent soulfulness. ‘I Am’ is an up-tempo romp with a classic Northern/Motown soul feel and Laura sings with all the conviction that we’ve come to expect from her. Lyrically the song is a declaration of self-independence and a celebration of everyone’s unique identity. Production, arrangement and delivery all reflect that optimism.

Laura’s ‘I Am’ will be available digitally from May 28th  with a 7” LRK vinyl release coming very soon. More good news? Laura tells us that there’s a full album on the way very soon. In the meantime, enjoy the full-on optimism of ‘I Am’.