Soul and jazz fans of a certain vintage have very fond memories of dear Oscar Brown’s version of Eddie Jefferson’s ‘Jeannine’ – a tale of upward mobility and all that it entails! It’s a proper soul dance classic, so how  good to have a “new” version of the song to enjoy!

Well we say “new” but what we’re currently enjoying is almost 50 years old. It comes via BRIAN AUGER with vocals from JULIE DRISCOLL. The track has never been released . Indeed it’s only just been discovered in the organ grinder’s personal archive  and its first time release prefaces an upcoming retrospective compilation  on Auger called ‘Incorporated’  which if this ‘Jeannine’ is anything to go by we’re already looking forward to it!

BRIAN AUGER/JULIE DRISCOLL; ‘Jeannine’ out now via Soul Bank Music.