There’s an album doing the rounds that’s already making waves on the underground soul scene and those in the know are tipping it to go massive. The album is ‘Lap Dancer’ from the enigmatic SOULPERSONA.

Little is known about SOULPERSONA, save he’s a musician, producer and arranger from North London and ‘Lap Dancer’ is his second full album. The first – 2009’s ‘Soulcoaster’ – established his name and in between making his own recordings Mr. SP has also worked with the likes of OLIVER CHEETHAM and JOCELYN BROWN. Leading the DIGISOUL BAND (Digisoul being the man’s label), he was Musical Director for LEON WARE, JEAN CARNE, THE VALENTINE BROTHERS and SHEREE BROWN at last year’s Giants Of Rare Groove sell-out show at the O2 Indigo and he’s currently working with JOCELYN B on her new album which will be released on Digisoul at the end of the year.

There’ll be a full review of ‘Lap Dancer’ here @ SJF very soon. In the meantime SOULPERSONA is currently offering a cross-section of his music absolutely free – all you need to do is go to

And for those who like big retro sounds, SOULPERSONA has just recorded a new track – ‘You Did It Again’. This is a great slice of modern soul and features vocals from PRINCESS FREESIA who features throughout ‘Lap Dancer’… and for those who need to know these things, the tune’s bass line is nicked straight from KLEEER.

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