Over the years, ERROL HENRY and his imprint THE SOUND PRINCIPLE PROJECT has served up plenty of mighty fine Brit soul…. most on his legendary Intimate Records. Now to celebrate 30 years of making great soul, the Sound Principle team serve up one of their very best EVER!

The “new” record is a wonderful slab of Brit soul, ‘I Know What I Want’ which was originally recorded something like 25 years ago! Errol says: “‘I Know What I Want’ represents a pretty good advert for what I always envisaged the label to be about and the fact that vocals were recorded more than 25 years ago can still hold their own today says a lot.”

Indeed, those luscious vocals come courtesy of long time EH collaborator CHRIS BALLIN and that voice sits astride the new, big production (full choir, driving bass line, sweet keys and catchy guitar) magnificently!

We’re told there’s a house mix on the way – but it will have to go some to beat this! Chris, by the way, has an imminent album… we look forward to that. In the meantime, though, grab ‘I Know What I Want’ when it hits the stores and portals on September 27th. One of the year’s best singles!