Over the last few years the award for the most consistent maker of classy modern soul most go to UK soul veteran DEE MAJEK. Under his KEJAM alias (Majek backwards, geddit?) he’s released a whole raft of soul goodies. Many, like the wonderful ‘Diamonds’ (with classic vocal from the wonderful Terry Harris) and the Lisa Taylor vocalised ‘Can You Feel The Love’ have topped all the credible soul charts and been mainstays on the best soul radio shows. Why! Majek’s magic has even charmed the soul crowd in the USA… an achievement not too many Brits can claim!

Up till now the tunes in the Kejam catalogue have only been available as singles or as part of EP packages. Well this August Dee is releasing ten of his very best in album form. The LP will called ‘Kejam Majek’ and will be available from 3rd August on PVINE Records.

The two above mentioned goodies take pride of place but also included are ‘My Love’ (with Cleveland Jones), Chanel’s ‘Hold You Down’ and the floor filler that is the ‘Kejam Theme’… a real treat for the steppers!