Over the past few years North East soul outfit SOULUTIONS (essentially Steve Lee and Louise Meehan) have made quite a name for themselves with their unique take on sweet, poppy ,Brit dance floor soul and their latest single will do no harm at all to their reputation.

Tune in question is an infectious, sparse ‘Who’s Been Kissing You’ that already tops many of the credible European soul charts. If you know Soulutions’ work you’ll agree that it’s “typically them” – down to the soundscape crafted by Steve running under Louise’s distinctive vocals. If you don’t know their sound… well, it’s just what we said – sweet, poppy, Brit dance floor soul.

The song is good to download right now and there’s also a CD with 4 mixes of the song on it. Label is Festival Park and the first 100 copies, we’re told, will be signed by Steve and Louise. The band’s web site will furnish the details.