JOSEPHINE ONIYAMA is a UK singer/songwriter. Born in Manchester but now working out of Liverpool (and why wouldn’t you?) she has three albums to her credit. Her last one was ‘Kindred’ which was released digitally in late 2022 and the acclaim it won has encouraged Ms Oniyama and her team to deliver a full release via an  expanded CD and new digital formats that contain three bonus songs.

If you’re not familiar with her work, you’ll discover that ‘Kindred’ isn’t a traditional soul set but there’s a passion and commitment in everything Josephine sings – yes, not “soul” but “soulful”. Hear passion and commitment at its most emotional on ‘’Til You’ – one of many songs that focus on human connections, friendship, family, love and being strong through adversity.

Those who know the original album need to know that the new songs on this  bonus edition are ‘Get Into Danger’ (a collaboration with Oniyama’s long-standing live guitarist Steve Marsden), ‘Made For Love’ which was written and produced with the Hamburg collective that contributed to much of ‘Kindred’ and  ‘Desert Without A Stream’ which was included on the German CD format of her ‘Portrait’ album released a decade ago but has never been released in the UK until now.

JOSEPHINE ONIYAMA: Kindred – bonus edition – out now