Always good to have new music from MARC STAGGERS, though his upcoming (and very tasty) single is not brand new. Fans will have fond memories of his 2011 sophomore album ‘Key To My Heart’ and the gentle title track won plenty of support…. no wonder, it was a classy Vandross style ballad with input from John Stoddart and Kirk Whalum.

Now specialist label, IZIPHO SOUL resurrects the song in a Tom Moulton mix. Mr T retains all the original sensual beauty…and there’s a real bonus on the B Side. Here the Staggers brothers Marc and Reginald have delved deep into their musical archive and pulled out the never heard before jazzy soft soul tune ‘Soft Words’.

Ad for those of you who like these sorts of things, the disc comes in neon pink vinyl. … But only 300 copies available!