KENT 45s


Ever-reliable Ace subsidiary, KENT has just issued six new vinyl 7″ singles as part of their on-going series of collectable soul single releases.

Top of this pile for collectors is bound to be a double A side from Sam Dees. The Dees’ record pairs the great man’s ‘Touch Me With Your Love’ and ‘Run To Me’. Then there’s a great pairing from vocal group, The Superbs – ‘I Wanna Do It With You Baby’ and ‘On A Day When It’s Raining’.

The other four singles pair different artists on the A and B sides. So, for instance, the flip of Nancy Wilcox’s ‘Gamblers Blues’ is Lorraine Chandler’s ‘I Hear Music’ while on the B-side of Lee Shot Williams’ ‘Hello Baby’ you’ll find Harold Burrage’s ‘Please Love Me’.

You can find full details on the Ace website –